Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby's First Year: 5 things I wish I hadn't spent money on

5 things I wish I hadn't spent money on
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Quite a few of my friends have just had babies, or are about to have babies--12 new mommies or soon-to-be mommies, just off the top of my head.

This has me thinking about Marshall's first year a lot, and today I'm remembering all of those baby items on the registry list I thought we had to have. We didn't.

In fact, here are 5 things I wish I hadn't spent money on in my baby's first year:

Nursing Tops

I was determined to breastfeed for a full year (and I did, by golly!) and thought for sure I would need nursing tops, the clever shirts designed to help conceal your girls when you're out in public.  This works in theory, when you try them on at the maternity store. Try to figure out those tops gracefully, without drawing attention to yourself, in the corner of an airport with one hand and a screaming baby. I found them to be impossible!

My go-to nursing outfit: A Button-up with a camisole underneath. Grab a blanket or nursing cover, and you're set.

Receiving Blankets

My "Things Baby Needs" list included 12-16 receiving blankets, and being a dutiful rule follower, I made sure we had at least that many. 

Little did we know how much Daniel and I would stink at swaddling. If there was contest for the Worst Swaddlers In The History of Parenting, Daniel and I would win.

Our saving grace? SwaddleMe blankets.

Super easy for parents. Super difficult for little baby legs to kick off.

Newborn Clothes

I read the online parenting message boards that advised to delay purchasing newborn clothing until the baby was born. Really, I did. Here's the idea: Some babies are born big enough to wear 0-3 month size clothes, and even if they are not, many babies will grow out of newborn clothes so quickly that it doesn't make sense to stock up. 

However, 8 months into my pregnancy, I was really hot (mid-June) and almost completely irrational, having just agreed to move from New Jersey to Texas immediately after the baby arrived. (Immediately.) I was worried we need newborn clothes, so I rush ordered onesies.

Marshall wore them for one week. Just 7 days.

Someone had given us a couple of newborn outfits at our baby showers, and had I been patient enough to wait, I would have known that our 8 lb. 12 oz. baby boy was going to be just fine without any extra newborn-size attire.

Baby Grooming Sets

I think baby-sized manicure sets are oh-my-word cute. So cute, that I bought two of them. I couldn't wait to use the teeny tiny fingernail clippers. (I'm a pianist--we love short nails!)

Fast forward to Marshall's arrival. The first week I stared at those precious hands, and the thought of accidentally hurting one of those adorable chubby fingers had me chickening out every time.

Thankfully, our pediatrician gave us the best new-parent hack in all of creation: Use a nail file instead. (I could have kissed her.)

Pee-pee Teepee

To be absolutely truthful, we did not spend money on these. A gift from my college roommate, these cloth mini-tents are especially designed for diapering little boy babies. Daniel and I thought this was the best idea in the world. And they were organic!

But, they didn't work. At least not for our little spray-happy sweetheart.

We all know that every parent, every baby, every experience is different. Maybe you couldn't live without your Pee-pee Teepees. Maybe you became a champion swaddler instantly and used every one of your receiving blankets. 

If that's the case, I would love to hear the 5 things you wish you hadn't spent money on in your baby's first year. And don't forget to share the "hacks" you used instead. New parents will appreciate your insight!

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