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5 Items we use every day, and none of them are featured at Babies"R"Us

5 Items we use every day, and none of them are featured at Babies"R"Us

Our 3-year-old enjoys his toys--right now he is a Play-Doh use the most in our house, none of them would be featured products at Babies"R"Us. In fact, you probably wouldn't be able to find them at a baby/todder/preschooler store.

Painter's Tape

Marshall has a "museum" (the hallway) where he enjoys displaying his various works of art, and one day I hope to craft a cute way of hanging it, something like this. But for now, we use Painter's Tape .

Why we love it:

  • It's super cheap inexpensive
  • It won't harm your walls/furniture. 
  • It comes in fun colors.

Watering Can

I would imagine most households use a Watering Can for gardens, and if we didn't kill every plant we tried to grow, we probably would too. Right now our watering can's home is in our bathroom. More specifically, we use it in the bathtub.

Why we love it:

  • It's a fun, though granted not traditional, bath toy.
  • The way the water flows makes for a gentle rinse for hair washing.
  • It's easy to clean, as opposed to other bath toys that can get mold-happy.


Paint brushes, hair brushes, Scrubbing Brushes --Marshall loves them all. Whatever the magical property is, my guess would be the texture, a brush offers Marshall endless hours minutes of entertainment.

Why we love it:

  • Brushes are something we already have in our house.
  • Brushes require no post-play clean-up and can cause relatively little damage.
  • Add some soap, and suddenly we have a happy preschooler and a clean house, which makes for an extra happy mommy.

Vacuum Attachments

In our apartment, the attachments to our vacuum are rarely found attached to the vacuum, where they are "supposed" to be. Instead, they are usually located in Marshall's toy box, or maybe under the couch, where Marshall was "putting out a fire." These tubes become his hoses for fighting fires, magical wands for casting spells, or if I'm really lucky, sucking up cheerios from the hard-to-reach places in the couch cushions.

Why we love it:

  • Again, it's something we already own! No purchase necessary!
  • It's also another way to encourage some housecleaning help.

The Vitamix

Before you picture us letting our preschooler play unattended with the most powerful blender known to mankind, our Vitamix stays on the counter, far away from little fingers.  I mention it here because it's a product we cannot live without, and it makes cooking with our son more enjoyable. It also makes homemade, non-processed meals much easier. (I would have rolled my eyes if I read this a year ago, but once we invested in a Vitamix, I quickly became a believer.)

Why we love it:

  • We can cook healthy, made-from-scratch meals in less than 30 minutes.
  • It has buttons--Marshall is obsessed with anything with buttons.
  • It's easier to get Marshall involved. For example, when I'm making tomato sauce, he'll put the chopped vegetables in the Vitamix while I cut the next set of veggies, etc. 

(Dad: Don't worry. The blender is unplugged and far away from its base when we do this.)

What are your kids' favorite not-found-in-the-toy-store products?  

Full Disclosure: The link above will take you to Amazon, and if you choose to purchase items, I will receive a small (very small) amount of commission on your purchase. The price is exactly the same for you.

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