Saturday, June 28, 2014

So long, June.



Packing lists.

TSA-sized contact solution.

Tomorrow morning we leave for North Carolina, and we're in that excited-but-a-little-frantic prep mode. We've been playing "TSA Checkpoint" with Marshall for the last two weeks, in hopes to avoid the issue we had last time we went through a security line. He keeps saying "3 hours old" rather than "3 years old," but at least he's acknowledging that we're his parents this time. Let's hope that lasts through tomorrow morning.

So long, June.

Uncle Cole and I were texting about trip details last night, and I mentioned that I am only checking Marshall's carseat. I was surprised to hear him write that he needs to check his bag. Uncle Cole is an Eagle Scout, a self-proclaimed hippie, a "pack lightly" kind of guy. I pressed him on this a little, urging him to avoid the $25 fee (It'll mean less beer money, Cole!), but he stood firm. Turns out, he's bringing BBQ sauce. (Yep. This is true.)

So before I navigate through Seattle's lovely airport with a preschooler that may or may not confess to being my offspring and a brother who travels with BBQ sauce in tow, I wanted to close out the month with a quick recap.

I shared three of the books we are loving in the Thompson house, including a gem by Toni Morrison that I hope you all run to Amazon to order.

In 500 words (exactly), I announced my plans to start a full-time MBA program this fall, and my Facebook chums got a little irked that I wasn't announcing a pregnancy. (MBA = sleep deprivation without having to change diapers. I would call that a win-win.)

I did my first review and giveaway, highlighting Norwex cleaning products. And Marshall wore a Spiderman suit.

I wrote my favorite post so far, for Daniel on Father's Day. Trying to put their relationship into words turned out to be a meaningful challenge, and the support I received after posting it was heartwarming.  There is a lot of talk about putting your life on the web, about a child's future Google-ability, and that is important. It is. But, I hope Marshall does find that post one day, and I hope the realization of his father's love for him takes his breath away as much as it does mine.

Daniel introduced Marshall to Animaniacs, and now Marshall gives every man, woman, and child an enthusiastic "Helloooooooo, Nurse!" when he sees them. There's video to prove it. 

Another blog first! I posted a link-up for traveling stories and got a tremendous response from a tremendously clever blogger I adore. I learned a thing or two about incentives, namely, that I should offer them. Coach Daddy suggested Oreo's, so next time--Oreo's.

And finally, the bread makers of the world wide web demanded biscuits, and I gave in.

Cross your fingers and toes that the BBQ sauce makes it to the OBX.  Pretty please.


  1. Got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed. Now just hoping that you have a wonderful trip!! ;)

  2. I like incentives!
    Have a wonderful time. It will be nice having you on this side of the country. Maybe if I yell extra loudly, you'll hear me!

  3. HA ha ha - always incentives!!! I hope you have a fantastic time!

  4. Bread led me to you (thank you for the recipe...I'll be trying it today!). Your little guy is very handsome! Congrats on making it a year in the rainy city of Seattle (we lived there for 3 years....3 years ago) and OBX is our favorite vacation destination. :) Creepiness aside, have a great vacation!